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Do., 30.03.17, 21:00 Uhr

Kunst | Video

Directors Lounge - contemporary art and media

... präsentiert Positionen zeitgenössischer Videokunst
Ana Bilankov: Night Riders
More Info: www.directorslounge.net   &

Veranstalter: Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Berlin




Sa./Sat. Apr., 01.,21:00 Uhr / 9 pm: Engl. Comedy w/ Zack Branzell and guests
So./Sun. Apr. 02., 20:00 Uhr / 8 pm: Adorable Idiots - English Comedy
Mo., 03.04.17, 20:00 Uhr: FERNSEHFRIEDHOF.DE
Sa., 08.04.17, 20:30 Uhr: Cameryn Moore - 'Phone Whore'
Do., 06.04.17, 20:15 Uhr: Lesebühne OWUL
Fr., Apr. 07., 8:30 pm: From Expat to Wahlberliner - Carey Harrison
So./Sun. Apr. 09., 20:00 Uhr / 8 pm: Adorable Idiots - English Comedy
Mo., 10.04.17, 20:00 Uhr: Über das Schreiben - Teil 8
Mi., 12.04.17, 20:30 Uhr: Short Cutz - Kurzfilmprogramm
Do. 13.04.17, 20:00 Uhr / 8 pm: Impro - Comedy with The Great Grandkids
So./Sun. Apr. 16., 20:00 Uhr / 8 pm: Adorable Idiots - English Comedy
Mo., 17.04.17, 20:00 Uhr: Freihafen - offene Lesebühne
Mi., 19.04.17, 20:30 Uhr: Maurenbrecher & Hennig - 'Cuba mi amor'

Do., 20.04.17, 20:30 Uhr, DER LITERARISCHE SALON: N.N.
Sa., 22.04.17, 20:30 Uhr: Rigoletti & Halschke
So./Sun. Apr. 23., 20:00 Uhr / 8 pm: Adorable Idiots - English Comedy
Mo., 24.04.17, 20:30 Uhr: Harald - Budde - Filmreihe
Do., 27.04.17, 21:00 Uhr: Directors Lounge - contemporary art and media
Fr., 28.04.17, 20:30 Uhr, DER LITERARISCHE SALON: Danielle de Picciotto
Sa., 29.04.17, 20:30 Uhr: Heiners Late Night
So./Sun. Apr. 30., 20:00 Uhr / 8 pm: Adorable Idiots - English Comedy


Sa./Sat. Apr., 01, 21:00Uhr/9pm
English Comedy
with Zackarias Branzell and guest
Once a month Zackarias Branzell of Adorable Idiots - Comedy Open Mic In Mitte at Z-Bar Berlin
hosts this show with just one comedian. It has had different names but now he settled on the catchy name "Stand up at Z-Bar".
The show take 1-1,5 hours. There will be free shots:)
Free entry - donations welcome!

In April stuff is different!
Women have been killing the comedy game in Berlin lately with new interesting female acts popping up weekly it seems. So therefore April is about showcasing two of the most exiting new comedy voices in Berlin.

Doro Fesel (DE), Marne (US) & Super Newbie bonus: Jenni Juvonen (FI)


DORO FESEL: Doro Fesel is a stand up comedian from Berlin. But she also does serious things like journalism and writing. She is a twofold youth champion in orgasm faking, which is why she can recognize false laughs with ease. She also has a son and two estranged daughters, all from five different men.

MARNE: Marne is a newcomer to Berlin’s comedy scene. A New Yorker at-large and Berliner since 2010, Marne has been popping up at open mics since November 2016.
Before telling jokes, Marne was a farmhand and once got paid to work on a mussel barge. Marne’s comedy heroes are Maria Bamford, Roseanne, and Daria Morgendorffer. Technically Marne has a last name, but it is difficult to pronounce and easy to Google.

ZACKARIAS BRANZELL: Zackarias Branzell is a comedian, podcaster, host, producer, lover and a friend. He now lives in Berlin where he runs the successful open mics Adorable Creatures - English comedy open mic and Adorable Idiots Open Mic. He also headlines shows every so often and has toured most of Germany by now. He also does a podcast called Zac Interviews the Stars which he really should market better according to some listeners. His comedy has been described as funny and good comedy. Using manly stories and observations from his own life. Known for saying, sometimes, terrible things in a nice way.


foto © promo
Veranstalter: Zackarias Brandell, Berlin




April, 02 + 09 + 16 + 23 + 30, 20:00 Uhr / 8 pm

Adorable Idiots
English Comedy Open Mic
Adorable idiots is a free English-language standup comedy open mic hosted by the ever-adorable Zackarias Branzell and Brittni Bowering. Every Sunday night they will bring you a healthy line up of 7-8 standup comedians, all doing their best to make you laugh. You can expect anything from professionals working on new bits to newbies trying comedy for the first time!
It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s Adorable Idiots.

- free entry, donations welcome -


Veranstalter: Brittni Bowering und Zackarias Branzell, Berlin


Mo., 03.04.17, 20:00 Uhr

FERNSEHFRIEDHOF.DE … die kollektive Schau der flimmernden Fernsehleichen

"Denn das ist das Gesetz in dieser Welt: Der Weg der Menschen – der guten wie der schlechten – der endet auf dem Friedhof. Der Weg des Fernsehens – des guten wie des wahnsinnigen, des gruseligen, des unmöglichen Fernsehens – der endet auf: FERNSEHFRIEDHOF.DE"

Info unter: http://www.fernsehfriedhof.de/  &


- Eintritt frei / Spenden willkommen -

Veranstalter: reproducts, Hamburg



Do., 06.04.17, 20:15 Uhr

Lesebühne OWUL

Bei OWUL werden nicht einfach nur Texte runter gelesen!
Jeden 1. Donnerstag im Monat wird auch musiziert, gequatscht, improvisiert (das OWULrakel beantwortet ALLE Fragen!), es gibt einen Jahresrückblick (ja, monatlich!!!) und einen Jahresausblick. Ach ja und multimedial is auch, schließlich sitzen wir in einem Kino und haben eine Leinwand hinter uns

Standardausstattung: Marien Loha (Waschbär im Schlafrock)und Thomas Manegold (Der Schläfer in der Stadt)

Sterngäste im April: Autor Roman Israel und Musiker Lennard Bertzbach
OWUL steht für “Ohne Wenn und Laber
Eintritt frei!  - 
www.owul.wordpress.com und auf facebook
und aktuell: https://www.facebook.com/events/1307605339332203/

Foto © promo
Veranstalter: Tom Manegold, Berlin


Fr., 07.04.17, 8:30 pm
New Series of Readings in English

From Expat to Wahlberliner: Berlin as a Place of Work for English-Language Writers

This series of readings in English, presented by the Literary Salon Britta Gansebohm, constitutes a bridge between the English-language and German literary scene in Berlin. The concept of a reading in a setting reminiscent of a spacious and comfortable living room where all are welcome, with the ensuing discussion also including the audience, was an absolutely new idea in May 1995 when Der Literarische Salon was established. This openness is being expanded through the series “From Expat to Wahlberliner.” The target audience of this series comprises Berliners who hail from a wide variety of countries but speak English and little or no German. The series seeks to make a contribution to international understanding and successful coexistence in Berlin by having resident authors present their colleagues to the public. In one instance the pairing is a reciprocal one: The L.A. writer and Berliner-by-choice Kevin McAleer will be moderating the reading of novelist/playwright Carey Harrison, and on another evening Kevin’s presentation of his mock-epic poem on the life of movie star Errol Flynn will be moderated by Mr. Harrison, whose parents were the actors Lilli Palmer and Rex Harrison and through whom Mr. Harrison, this scion of Hollywood’s Golden Age, once encountered the subject of Kevin’s book-length poem. It is through Lilli Palmer that Carey Harrison also has a special relationship to Berlin, his mother having spent her youth in the city before fleeing from the Nazis to Paris and eventually London. The discussions which follow the readings will treat of such questions as: What impact does life in the German capital have on an author’s writing? Does life in Berlin help to idealize or deflate an author’s view of their homeland? How do expats experience this city along with its inhabitants and Germany in general? What makes Berlin such a special place for writers? How has the city changed for the expats since their arrival? What is their relationship to the German language? Can language also be a kind of homeland? How do Berliners-by-choice define the very word “homeland”?


Carey Harrison will be reading from his new novel How to Push Through (Dr. Cicero Books, published in September 2016)
Reading & Discussion, Moderation: Kevin McAleer

How to Push Through

This is the final book in a novel quartet called The Heart Beneath, which Carey Harrison worked on for 48 years. He published other novels during that span, but this tetralogy is really his life’s work. It begins with the rescue of a “wild child,” a Waldmensch or Wolfskind, from the forests of Soviet-occupied East Germany in 1947, where the boy, Egon, has lived alone for more than three years. His father was executed following the 1944 assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler and his mother was sent away to her death in the final throes of the war – though not before hiding her son in the woods. Egon is now seven years old and no longer speaks. The tetralogy follows his rehabilitation into society and his return to the wilderness as a teenager in Britain so as to try and recapture his missing childhood. England and Germany are the twin poles of the tale, and the final book of the tetralogy, How to Push Through, is narrated by four women. They include a girl with whom Egon falls in love, and the elderly German psychoanalyst who brings them together. The girl has grown up in a family full of secrets, and her violent teenage years, in reaction to these secrets, lead her to the psychoanalyst and to Egon. The novel quartet is a love story of two people divorced not only from society but separated by national, social and psychological issues.

Carey Harrison is an English novelist and dramatist. He was born in 1944 in London to actors Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer and raised in Los Angeles and New York where he attended the Lycée Français. He is the author of forty stage plays and sixteen novels. Harrison’s most recent novels Justice and Who Was That Lady? have been acclaimed by readers and both reached No.1 on the Amazon Contemporary Fiction downloads list. His latest novel How to Push Through was published in 2016. (...)

Kevin McAleer was born in Santa Monica, California in 1961. He received his doctorate in history from the University of California and now lives in Berlin where he works as a writer and translator. His short stories have been published both in American magazines as well as in the German satire magazine Titanic, in taz and in TIP magazine. He is co-author of the story collection Zwei Amerikaner im deutschen Exil (1998; 2016), author of the award-winning play Bombay by the Spree (2010), the novels Surferboy (2007; 2015) and Berlin Tango (2016) and the historical monograph Dueling: The Cult of Honor in Fin-de-Siècle Germany (1994; 2014) which was honored by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as one of their “Books of the Year.” He has recently brought to completion his decade-long project “Errol Flynn: A Life in Verse,” which is a book-length, mock-epic poem on the swashbuckling Hollywood actor.

foto © privat

This series is sponsored by the Senate of Berlin (Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa). Conceptual assistance and the series title from Julia Eve Föll.

Admission: 7 euros/ reduced rate 5 euros (for holders of Berlin identity cards & students)

Reservations can be made at britta.gansebohm@salonkultur.de or by telephone at 0175 52 70 777. Further information available at www.salonkultur.de und Facebook: Der Literarische Salon – das Original



Sa., 08.04.17, 20:30 Uhr

Cameryn Moore: PHONE WHORE

Cameryn Moore is a critically acclaimed playwright/performer, writer, host, educator, and sidewalk pornographer. Her work in theatre, literature, and activism/advocacy is both a challenge and invitation to adventurous audiences everywhere. She has received multiple awards on the Canadian Fringe circuit for her work, and has performed to packed houses around North America and the UK. She is the writer and performer of five solo shows: Phone Whore, slut (r)evolution, for | play, The Pretty One (and other things that need to be said), and nerdfucker. Cameryn is the creator and frequent host of Smut Slam, a storytelling open mic featuring real-life, first-person sex stories; and BEDx, a mini-conference for sex geeks in a bar. When not performing, Cameryn sets up her world-famous traveling Smut Stand, providing bespoke typewritten erotica on the spot to happy drunks and discerning passersby.

Truth and taboo collide in this intimate visit with a phone sex operator. Sit back and buckle up. A slice-of-life comedy/drama, Phone Whore invites audiences in for an unflinching look at taboo, fantasy, and the place of “deviant” desires in society today. Award-winning playwright and performer Cameryn Moore draws extensively on her work experiences at a no-taboo service to flesh out both the absurdities and difficult truths that pervade the world of phone sex.
**** Post-show Q&A with the artist!

Visit Cameryn online at


foto © promo
Organized by Liliana Velasquez / *Freudian Slip Club*

Freudian Website <https://freudianslipclub.wordpress.com/>

Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/freudianslipsclub>



Mo., 10.04.17, 20:00 Uhr

Unterricht / Literatur

Über das Schreiben - Teil 8
Inspiration, Tipps & Tricks von Jesse Falzoi

Dieses Mal werden wir darüber reden, wie wir eine Geschichte so beginnen, dass der Leser sie nicht mehr weglegen kann, bis er an das überraschende und dennoch unvermeidliche Ende kommt.

Jeden zweiten Montag im Monat verrate ich in der Z-Bar Tipps und Tricks rund ums Schreiben, von der Ideenfindung bis zur Veröffentlichung. Papier, Stift, Laptop etc. sollte man immer dabei haben. Wer es nicht schafft, kann alles in meinem Buch nachlesen, das im Mai erscheint.


Eintritt frei! - Kontakt: j.falzoi@gmx.de oder www.jessefalzoi.de
Veranstalterin: Jessica Falzoi, Berlin



Mi., 12.04.17, 20:30 Uhr

Short Cutz - Kurzfilmprogramm
All films are shown with english subtitles.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Shortcutz ist auf facebook

Eintritt frei! Free entry!

foto © promo
Veranstalter: Team shortcutz Berlin / Maria Pena, Hugo Sousa



Do., 13.04.17, 20:00 Uhr

Impro - Comedy with The Great Grandkids

Two Americans. Two Icelanders. Berlins most bitchin' Improvgroup.


foto © promo
Veranstalter: Gruppe The Great Grandkids / Andrew Blumhagen, Berlin



Mo., 17.04.17, 20:00 Uhr

Freihafen - offene Lesebühne
Textforum - ein Abend für Gedichte und Geschichten.
Willkommen sind alle, die selber gerne schreiben und lesen, die einfach zuhören oder sich über die Texte austauschen möchten.
Jeder Abend steht unter einem Motto. Die Texte sollen sich locker darauf beziehen. Die Lesezeit liegt bei maximal 10 Minuten. Vor und nach der Lesung ist Zeit und Raum für anregende Gespräche in gemütlicher Atmosphäre. Thema heute: 'Grenzgänger' - Eintritt frei!

Veranstalter: Gruppe Tintenschiff, Berlin



Mi., 19.04.17, 20.30 Uhr

Falko Hennig: einziger Radio Hochsee Abend 2017!

CUBA MI AMOR mit Dr. Manfred Maurenbrecher

Ein karibischer Abend mitten im April.

Der bekannte Musiker und Schriftsteller Manfred Maurenbrecher ist seit vielen Jahren sympathisierender Beobachter der kubanischen Verhältnisse, nun hat er mit seiner Frau erstmals die Karibik-Insel besucht und mit Bild, Gespräch und mehr zeigt er, warum seine Begeisterung noch gewachsen ist.

Falko Hennig war vor einem Jahr zu einem Konzert der Rolling Stones in Havanna, seine zweite Reise nach Kuba nach 10 Jahren. Bei großer Begeisterung für Land, Leute, Klima und Kultur sieht er verschiedene Aspekte des realen Sozialismus kritisch, vielleicht durch seine Sozialisierung in der DDR.

Für beide gilt CUBA MI AMOR.



grafik © promo

Veranstalter: Falko Hennig, Berlin



Do., 20.04.17, 20:30 Uhr


eine rumänische Autorin wird zu Gast sein im Literarischen Salon
Lesung mit Gespräch, Moderation: Britta Gansebohm

Eintritt: 7 Euro/ ermäßigt 5 Euro (für Berlin-Ausweisträger & Studenten)
Platzreservierungen werden gerne angenommen unter: britta.gansebohm@salonkultur.de oder telefonisch unter 0175-52 70 777
Weitere Informationen unter: www.salonkultur.de und Facebook: Der Literarische Salon - das Original
Veranstalter: Freunde und Förderer des Literarischen Salons Berlin e.V. und Britta Gansebohm, Berlin



Sa., 22.04.17, 20:30 Uhr


Rigoletti & Halschke

Nici Halschke schreibt Briefe an Prominente, ungefragt und seit Jahren. An Politiker, Filmgrößen und Pornostars. Topaktuell, hochbrisant und frankly: quite unverblümt.

Rigoletti will Bundespräsidentin werden. Und sie ist ideal geeignet für dieses Amt! Schon als Kind (Politikertochter) hat sie repräsentative Aufgaben übernommen.

Veranstalterin: Marion Pfaus, Berlin



Mo., 24.04.17, 20:30 Uhr

Harald - Budde - Filmreihe
(D 2016, Experimentalfim, R: Harald Budde)


Foto © promo / Budde
Veranstalter: Harald Budde, Berlin



Do., 27.04.17, 21:00 Uhr

Kunst | Video

Directors Lounge - contemporary art and media

... präsentiert Positionen zeitgenössischer Videokunst

Veranstalter: Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Berlin



Fr., 28.04.17, 20:30 Uhr


Danielle de Picciotto - http://www.danielledepicciotto.com/

Lesung mit Gespräch, Moderation: Britta Gansebohm

Eintritt: 7 Euro/ ermäßigt 5 Euro (für Berlin-Ausweisträger & Studenten)
Platzreservierungen werden gerne angenommen unter: britta.gansebohm@salonkultur.de oder telefonisch unter 0175-52 70 777
Weitere Informationen unter: www.salonkultur.de und Facebook: Der Literarische Salon - das Original
Veranstalter: Freunde und Förderer des Literarischen Salons Berlin e.V. und Britta Gansebohm, Berlin



Sa., 29.04.17, 20:30 Uhr

Heiners Late Night mit Juston Buße und Samson und Gästen

"Herzlich Willkommen zur besten Late Night-Show!
Juston Buße und Samson laden ein zu einem herrlich unterhaltsamen Abend.
Mit Wort, mit Musik, mit Unterhaltung, mit billigen Witzen, mit unserer Praktikantin Berit Bernstein und mit grossartigen Gästen!"

- Eintritt frei/ Spenden willkommen -

Foto © promo
Veranstalter: Juston Buße
, Berlin



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